Fongo Mobile & Home Phone

First Things First….

Anyone in the conference call can use ANY phone they want, it doesn’t have to be a Fongo number.
Conference calls can have up to 15 people.

Hosting a conference on the Fongo Free Conferencing Service:

  1. Send out an invite to the other participants of the conference
    1. Include the conference numbers for the others to reach the conference on.
    2. Include the 10 digit conference PIN code, you get to make this up. We recommend using your own phone number.
    3. Include the time that you want people to join the conference
  2. When you are ready to join your conference
    1. Dial into any of the conference numbers
    2. Enter the 10 digit pin that you sent out to the other participants
    3. Now you are in the conference

Joining a conference on the Free Fongo Conferencing Service:

  1. To join a conference
    1. Dial into the number that was sent to you or any other local conference number on our list found Here
    2. Enter the 10 digit conference PIN that was provided to you by the host.
    3. Now you are in the conference