Knowing how to use your voicemail is an important aspect of having a phone. If we miss a call or can’t answer at a specific time, we need to have a voicemail to be able to receive those important messages. Fongo offers you a wide range of features so you can get those messages wherever you are. Our visual voicemail allows you to see your messages displayed in a list that you can delete, forward, or listen to in any order. This post will help you setup your voicemail, learn how to forward/copy your messages to an email, and show you the different ways you can check your voicemail.

Voicemail Set Up

Setting up your Fongo voicemail is super easy! Start by going to and logging into to your account.

First, select Settings

And then, select Voicemail Settings

Once you have selected Voicemail Settings, you can begin to configure the many features available for your voicemail.

Voicemail to Email

If enabled, the Voicemail to Email setting allows you to have your voicemails forwarded or copied to your email. There are 3 options under Voicemail to Email, which include:

  • none – an email will NOT be sent to you but the voicemail will remain in your Voicemail Mailbox
  • forward – an email will be sent to you and the voicemail will be deleted from your Voicemail Mailbox
  • copy – an email will be sent to you and the voicemail will available in your Voicemail Mailbox

Enter the email address you would like the voicemail to be sent to.

You can add multiple email addresses by separating the addresses with a “,” (i.e.,,

Rings Before Voicemail

This is the number of rings before your call will be sent to voicemail (1-12).

Voicemail cannot be DISABLED, simply increase your Rings Before Voicemail to 12.

Use Password For

  • Remote Access Only – password is required when checking your Voicemail remotely but not local access
  • Remote and Local Access – password is required for both remote and local access

Current Voicemail Password

Your current password used to access your Voicemail Mailbox.

New Voicemail Password

If you’re not happy with the current voicemail password, you can change the password at any time.

Preferred Language

You can change the IVR language when you dial in to check your voicemail (English, Spanish, French)

Checking Your Voicemail

Get your voicemail messages, no matter where you are! The following are different ways you can check your voicemail:

  • Voicemail messages will be emailed to your email address on file if you’ve selected this option for your account.
  • Dial*98 from the fongo device dial pad to manage your voicemail messages and greetings
  • Call a remote number – with this number you can call from any phone and check your voicemail. You’ll need to:
    1. dial one of the remote access numbers
    2. enter your 10-digit Fongo phone number, including the “1”
    3. enter your voicemail password to access your voicemail
  • If you have the Fongo app, long-press the 1 button on the dial pad to call into voicemail, or select the voicemail button in the app menu.
  • Log in to your account to check your voicemail

Changing Your Voicemail Message

  • From Your Fongo App or Home Phone, dial into your voicemail box
  • Select “3” for Personal Options
  • Select “3” for Greetings
    • Press “1” for a Extended Absence Greeting
    • Press “2” for a Personal Greeting
    • Press “3” to Record Your Name