Setting Up Call Forwarding on Your Fongo Mobile App

Follow Me is Fongo’s free call forwarding service. With Follow Me, you can forward your calls to up to 3 separate phone numbers – giving you the chance to answer the call on your most convenient device.

The steps to configuring call forwarding are as follows:

fongo Call Forwarding iOS Screenshot


1. Open your Fongo Mobile App

2. Under the menu option, select “Account”.

3. Once you are in the account tab, select “Settings”.

4. Once you are in the settings option – scroll down to “PHONE SERVICE” and select “Call Forwarding”

5. Under the “Call Forwarding” section you will notice 3 options:

  • Simultaneous: All Follow Me numbers, including your Fongo Mobile number that was dialed by the caller, will ring at the same time, allowing you to pick up the call wherever it is convenient.
  • Sequential: After your Fongo Mobile number rings and is unanswered, the call will be forwarded to the first listed Follow Me number. If the call isn’t answered at the first Follow Me number, it will continue on to the next Follow Me number and so on. If none of your Follow Me numbers have voicemail, the call will be directed back to your voicemail system.
  • Never: To turn off call forwarding select this option.

6. After choosing your preferred option – add the numbers you would like your calls forwarded to. You can also set the number of rings you would like to occur before your calls are forwarded.


  • You can forward to any North American number with a per minute rate of $0.03 per minute or less.
  • When you forward to numbers that are not free, you must have World Credits on your account. All forwarded calls will debit your account balance by the per minute rate.
  • You cannot forward to a phone number that already is a destination for call forwarding by another number. For example, if you and your wife both have Fongo mobile you both cannot forward your Fongo numbers to your home phone.
  • We currently do not support call forwarding to numbers outside of North America.
  • Follow Me settings will be automatically reset (turned off) for accounts which have not been used to place an outgoing call for 90 days.
  • Fongo is not intended to be used primarily as a call forwarding service.