Please Note: Upon completion of the number transfer, your Fongo account will be terminated and any remaining calling and SMS credit will be forfeited. Remaining credit from this account will not be transferable to future accounts.

How to Transfer Your Fongo Number to Another Carrier:

Please contact your new carrier to process the request on your behalf. You will need to provide your new carrier with the following information:

  1. Customer Name and Address – Obtaining your customer name and address from your Fongo account:
    1. Log into
    2. Click “Settings”
    3. The name and address used for your Fongo account will be displayed
  2. The Fongo Phone Number you wish to port
  3. Re-seller Name: Fongo 
  4. Service Type: Landline (All VoIP service phone numbers are considered a landline, regardless if you have Fongo Mobile)

* You do not require your account number to port your number, since your Fongo number is considered a landline.


  • Account cannot have an outstanding balance
  • Number cannot be a dry loop number

Transfer Fee

Fongo Mobile and Fongo Works users will be charged a $25 port out fee unless…

  • The account is over 90 days old
  • The number was ported to Fongo originally
  • You have made over $25 in purchases on the account

If the transfer fee applies, please contact support here to arrange for payment of the transfer fee, otherwise porting will be rejected.