Are you looking to improve your audio quality? Check out this list of tips and tricks that will improve audio quality for Fongo Mobile.

Check Your Connection

The quality of your call often depends on the strength of your connection. That being said, the first thing you’ll want to check is that you have a good connection to a WiFi or 3G/4G network. Your phone may be displaying multiple bars for WiFi but this does not always mean that you have a fast connection, it means you have a strong connection to your modem. On a WiFi network, check to see what else might also be using bandwidth (eg. streaming video).

Run Speed Test

You may also want to check your connection speed, you can do so by running a Speed Test. For acceptable audio quality, Fongo requires about 1Mbps Upload and 1Mbps download speed. You can download the Ookla Speed Test app for: iOSAndroid, or from Amazon for BlackBerry

Test Call

Check the audio quality for yourself. You can make a test call to our test server by calling 226-244-4444 or by selecting “Make a Test Call” at the bottom of the Fongo app settings. After a quick message the line will echo back everything that you say.

Low Bandwidth Codec

If you find that your calls are not getting the quality you want while on a strong connection, disabling the ‘Low bandwidth codec’ will increase the audio quality of you calls. You can disable this setting by going into Account – Settings – Use low bandwidth codec. Important note: Disabling the low bandwidth codec will result in higher data usage.

Other Factors

Other factors that could be affecting your audio quality include interference from computer speakers or the use of headsets while making a call. If you are using a headset or microphone to make calls, the quality of these products can affect your sound quality. If you are using a computer, you may experience an echo if the audio from your speaker gets picked up by your laptop.