Our iOS Version Comes With Exciting Features!

Our features include:

Answering calls without unlocking the phone

You can now answer your Fongo number without unlocking the screen. To start using this feature make sure you need to:

  • Have launched the Fongo mobile app once
  • Allow notifications
  • Are logged into the Fongo service
  • Have a stable connection

Dialing a contact using Siri

You can ask Siri to call from your Fongo number, just say “Call Maddie using Fongo.”

  • Make sure “Maddie” is the name of the contact, Siri will request clarification if necessary

Fongo calling using Siri Screenshot

Texting a contact using Siri

You can ask Siri to text one of your contacts, just say “Text Maddie using Fongo, Hey, dinner tonight?” To use this feature, make sure you:

  • have an active Fongo SMS subscription for non-fongo numbers
  • or you are texting another Fongo user (free)

Fongo Siri Messaging Screenshot