Setting Up For A Conference Call

Here are the steps for setting up conference calling for Fongo Works.

Step 1: Sign into the Fongo Works Dashboard

Step 2: Click on the receptionist tab

Step 3: Under the Caller Options section select the number you wish to set as your conference call.

Step 4: Click the space beside then number the assign the Conference Call to that number

Step 5: Save your changes

Beginning Your Conference Call:

Step 1: On the Dashboard click on the Features tab

Step 2: Scroll down to Conference Call Access

Step 3: You will see two options, there is Private Staff PIN or Public PIN

Step 4: Provide the people you want on the call with the PIN number (could be either Public or Private)

Step 5: The callers will dial your Fongo Works number, then select the caller option Conference Call

Step 6: The callers will then enter the PIN then they will be added to the call