How It Works – Government Service Numbers

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Fongo has added support for X-1-1 numbers in different provinces. If the phone number originates from a specific area, we will connect to that area’s local version of the service based on the "from" number. 2-1-1: Community Health and Social Services Call to receive information regarding healthcare or social service institutions such as: ● Abuse [...]

Using Fongo While Travelling

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Taking Your Home Phone Adapter Abroad With Fongo Home Phone, you can take adapter anywhere in the world and continue making/receiving calls as if you’re still at home. It's still free to call all 10 provinces in Canada and international calling rates stay the same. Fongo App: Connecting with Canada While Abroad Download the Fongo app [...]

How It Works – Setting Up A Conference Call

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Fongo Mobile, Home Phone and Fongo Works Conference Calling First Things First…. Anyone in the conference call can use ANY phone they want, it doesn’t have to be a Fongo number. Conference calls can have up to 15 people. Example Conference Call Scenario – Everyone is either using Fongo or has Canada-wide calling (long distance) A group [...]

Fongo Tips – Transfer Your Existing Number to Fongo!

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Fongo Mobile Port-In Instructions * Do not contact your current provider indicating your intention of cancelling service with them. Once porting to Fongo is completed, your account with your old provider will be automatically cancelled. 1. Download the Fongo app to your smartphone 2. Create a Fongo account and get your own Fongo number (even though [...]

Fongo World Credits

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How World Credits Work Mobile and home phone users need World Credits to make calls outside of Canada. Fongo users can call anywhere in the world if they have World Credits. If a Fongo user tries to call somewhere outside of Canada without World Credits, the call will not connect. Click here to see a list [...]