Setting Up A Conference Call


Fongo Mobile & Home Phone First Things First…. Anyone in the conference call can use ANY phone they want, it doesn’t have to be a Fongo number. Conference calls can have up to 15 people. Hosting a conference on the Fongo Free Conferencing Service: Send out an invite to the other participants of the conference Include [...]

Setting Up A Conference Call2019-07-25T16:47:04-04:00

Transfer Your Existing Number to Fongo!


Fongo Mobile Port-In Instructions * Do not contact your current provider indicating your intention of cancelling service with them. Once porting to Fongo is completed, your account with your old provider will be automatically cancelled. 1. Download the Fongo app to your smartphone 2. Create a Fongo account and get your own Fongo number (even [...]

Transfer Your Existing Number to Fongo!2019-07-26T13:28:26-04:00

Fongo World Credits


How World Credits Work Mobile and home phone users need World Credits to make calls outside of Canada. Fongo users can call anywhere in the world if they have World Credits. If a Fongo user tries to call somewhere outside of Canada without World Credits, the call will not connect. Click here to see a [...]

Fongo World Credits2019-07-26T10:39:15-04:00

Sync Contacts or Link Your Number to Fongo Mobile


The Fongo Mobile app not only offers free calling to over 1300 cities across Canada, but we also have great features that will help you manage your calls, texts and even the app. This blog will help you learn how to link a secondary number to Fongo and Sync your Fongo Number so you can Talk [...]

Sync Contacts or Link Your Number to Fongo Mobile2019-06-20T17:26:00-04:00

Set Up and Use Your Fongo Voicemail


Knowing how to use your voicemail is an important aspect of having a phone. If we miss a call or can’t answer at a specific time, we need to have a voicemail to be able to receive those important messages. Fongo offers you a wide range of features so you can get those messages wherever you [...]

Set Up and Use Your Fongo Voicemail2019-07-11T15:46:25-04:00

iOS App Features


Our iOS Version Comes With Exciting Features! Our features include: Answering calls without unlocking the phone- You can now answer your Fongo number without unlocking the screen. To start using this feature make sure you, Have launched the new app once Allow notifications Are logged into the Fongo service Have a stable connection Dialing a contact [...]

iOS App Features2019-06-20T17:36:11-04:00

Improve Your WiFi at Home


Make Sure You Are Updated Sometimes to speed up your connection all you need is an update, this can include either your routers or your wireless card from your computer or device. To update your router will really just depend on your device type, just a simple google search and you should be able to find [...]

Improve Your WiFi at Home2019-06-20T17:37:58-04:00

Traveling With Your Phone


Airplane mode When travelling, this mode is your best friend. This will disable all connections such as data, WiFi and Bluetooth, saving both your battery and data. If you have a travel plan that gives you a certain amount of data you can also check our data-saving tips blog post here. Find out about unlocking your phone [...]

Traveling With Your Phone2019-06-20T17:42:48-04:00

Saving Data


Smartphones are great but they are not always cheap - nor are the big data plans that come with them. Although Fongo helps you save on talk and text, with how much we use the internet, it can be very easy to go over your data limit. So we are going to help you out with [...]

Saving Data2019-06-20T17:41:24-04:00
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