Call Forwarding on Fongo Mobile


Setting Up Call Forwarding on Your Fongo Mobile App Follow Me is Fongo's free call forwarding service. With Follow Me, you can forward your calls to up to 3 separate phone numbers - giving you the chance to answer the call on your most convenient device. The steps to configuring call forwarding are as [...]

Call Forwarding on Fongo Mobile2021-04-21T11:28:08-04:00

Call Forwarding on Fongo Home Phone


How to set up Call Forwarding for Fongo Home Phone 1: Log into your Fongo account at: 2: Click on Settings. 3: Near the top of the page, click Follow Me Settings.   4. Change Status to Enable. Ring Mode Under the "Ring Mode" section you will notice 2 options: Simultaneous: All Follow [...]

Call Forwarding on Fongo Home Phone2021-04-21T11:27:32-04:00
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