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Where Does Fongo Provide Local Numbers?


The list below indicates where Fongo phone numbers are available. Our phone number inventory is constantly being updated and we may temporarily run out of phone numbers in certain areas from time-to-time. If we are not currently offering phone numbers in your area, please select a phone number from a different area where you have [...]

Where Does Fongo Provide Local Numbers?2021-07-09T15:41:43-04:00

Improve Your Audio Quality


Are you looking to improve your audio quality? Check out this list of tips and tricks that will improve audio quality for Fongo Home Phone. Electromagnetic Interference Motors and electronic devices sometimes generate electromagnetic fields. Your Fongo Adapter may be too close another device generating electromagnetic interference (i.e. electric motor, other electronics, high-power wires etc). [...]

Improve Your Audio Quality2020-01-23T09:09:19-05:00

Transferring Your Number to Another Carrier


Please Note: Upon completion of the number transfer, your Fongo account will be terminated and any remaining calling and SMS credit will be forfeited. Remaining credit from this account will not be transferable to future accounts. How to Transfer Your Fongo Number to Another Carrier: Please contact your new carrier to [...]

Transferring Your Number to Another Carrier2019-07-25T11:45:59-04:00

Call Forwarding on Fongo Home Phone


How to set up Call Forwarding for Fongo Home Phone 1: Log into your Fongo account at: https://account.fongo.com/login/ 2: Click on Settings. 3: Near the top of the page, click Follow Me Settings.   4. Change Status to Enable. Ring Mode Under the "Ring Mode" section you will notice 2 options: Simultaneous: All Follow [...]

Call Forwarding on Fongo Home Phone2021-04-21T11:27:32-04:00

Fongo Home Phone Referral – Earn Rewards!


How It Works: Refer someone to Fongo home phone and you will receive 1 month of home phone service for free ($4.95 value). The person you refer must enter your email or home phone number during their sign up process (As seen below). Within a few business days your account will be credited [...]

Fongo Home Phone Referral – Earn Rewards!2020-10-22T16:56:21-04:00

Government Service Numbers


Fongo has added support for X-1-1 numbers in different provinces. If the phone number originates from a specific area, we will connect to that area’s local version of the service based on the "from" number. For 911 Service information, Click Here. 2-1-1: Community Health and Social Services Call to receive information regarding healthcare [...]

Government Service Numbers2019-07-26T11:53:13-04:00

Using Fongo While Travelling


Taking Your Home Phone Adapter Abroad With Fongo Home Phone, you can take adapter anywhere in the world and continue making/receiving calls as if you’re still at home. It's still free to call all 10 provinces in Canada and international calling rates stay the same. Fongo Mobile App: Connecting with People in Canada While You're Abroad [...]

Using Fongo While Travelling2020-01-14T14:48:55-05:00

Fongo Mobile & Home Phone: Conference Call


Fongo Mobile & Home Phone First Things First…. Anyone in the conference call can use ANY phone they want, it doesn’t have to be a Fongo number. Conference calls can have up to 15 people. Hosting a conference on the Fongo Free Conferencing Service: Send out an invite to the other participants of the conference Include [...]

Fongo Mobile & Home Phone: Conference Call2020-10-20T17:04:16-04:00

Transfer Your Existing Number to Fongo!


Fongo Mobile Port-In Instructions * Do not contact your current provider indicating your intention of cancelling service with them. Once porting to Fongo is completed, your account with your old provider will be automatically cancelled. 1. Download the Fongo app to your smartphone 2. Create a Fongo account and get your own Fongo number (even though [...]

Transfer Your Existing Number to Fongo!2021-03-18T11:26:49-04:00

Fongo World Credits


How World Credits Work Mobile and home phone users need World Credits to make calls outside of Canada. Fongo users can call anywhere in the world if they have World Credits. If a Fongo user tries to call somewhere outside of Canada without World Credits, the call will not connect. Click here to see a list [...]

Fongo World Credits2021-03-30T16:45:44-04:00
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