Fongo Works Mobile App Login

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How To Log Into The Fongo Works Mobile App Note: The login credentials to sign into the mobile app are NOT the same as the credentials used to sign in online. Sign into your Fongo Works account on your computer. In the members tab, scroll to the member who wants to sign in to the mobile [...]

Government Service Numbers

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Fongo has added support for X-1-1 numbers in different provinces. If the phone number originates from a specific area we will connect to that area’s local version of the service based on the from number. 2-1-1  Community Health and Social Services Call to receive information regarding healthcare or social service institutions such as: Abuse / Assault [...]

Setting Up A Conference Call

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Fongo Mobile, Home Phone and Fongo Works Conference Calling First Things First…. Anyone in the conference call can use ANY phone they want, it doesn’t have to be a Fongo number. Conference calls can have up to 15 people. Example Conference Call Scenario – Everyone is either using Fongo or has Canada-wide calling (long distance) A group [...]

How to Transfer Your Existing Phone Number to Fongo

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Fongo Mobile Port-In Instructions * Do not contact your current provider indicating your intention of cancelling service with them. Once porting to Fongo is completed your account with your old provider will be automatically cancelled. Download the Fongo app to your smartphone Create a Fongo account and get your own Fongo number (even though you you [...]

How To Watch American Netflix in Canada!

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Canadians always get the short end of the stick when it comes to entertainment. Canadians quite often go online to watch something or visit a website and are roadblocked with a message saying “not available in your country”. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way around this? THERE IS! Fongo will show you how [...]

Set Up Your Fongo Voicemail

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Knowing how to use your voicemail is an important aspect of having a phone. If we miss a call or can’t answer at a specific time, we need to have a voicemail to be able to receive those important messages. Fongo Mobile offers you a wide range of features so you can get those messages wherever [...]

Simple Wi-Fi Tips to Improve Your Home Internet

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Make Sure You Are Updated Sometimes to speed up your connection all you need is an update, this can include either your routers or your wireless card from your computer or device. To update your router will really just depend on your device type, just a simple google search and you should be able to find [...]

Tips For Traveling With Your Phone

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Airplane Mode When travelling this mode will be your best friend. This will disable all connections such as Data, Wi-fi, and Bluetooth. Saving both your battery life and your data. *If you have a travel plan that gives you a certain amount of data you can also check our Data saving tips blog post: Here Find out [...]

How easy it to switch and save with Fongo Home Phone

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Making the switch to Fongo Home phone really is easy. To start you just have to visit our website and sign up and you can start saving in no time. You can sign up here

Backing Up Your Phone

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These days your phones contain everything and we rely on them pretty heavily for our day to day tasks (at least I know that I do). We all hope that we don’t lose them and all the valuable information on them. But, it does seem to happen and that’s why I have created some very simple steps [...]