Fongo World Credits

Fongo World Credits

What are Fongo World Credits?

Mobile and home phone users need world credits to make calls outside of Canada. Users can use Fongo to call anywhere in the world if they have world credits. If a Fongo user tries to call somewhere outside of Canada without world credits, the call simply will not work.

How To Buy World Credits

On mobile, world credits can be purchased within the app:
Account -> Add-ons -> World Credits -> Purchase $5 or $20 worth of world calling credits.

For Home Phone, world credits can be purchased online at :
Log in to your account -> Online Store -> World Credits: Select amount ($5 or $20)

How World Credits Work

There is a list of each country’s long distance rates here:

Each rate is how much will be deducted from your world credits balance per minute of calling.
For Example: China’s rate is $0.02/min, so if you buy $5 worth of world credits and then call China, $0.02 will be deducted from your $5 of world credits for every minute you are on the phone with someone in China.

You will also be charged a $0.04 connection fee at the beginning of each call as soon as the call connects (a person or the voicemail picks up the call).

  • If you run out of credits while on the call, the call will disconnect
  • World credits won’t expire as long as your Fongo account stays active (don’t delete the app) so if you buy a lot, they will carry over, you will not lose them
  • If you delete the app and/or don’t sign in to your Fongo account for 90 days, your World Credit balance will decrease by $1 per month of inactivity
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