Tips when Using Fongo – Part 1

Tips when Using Fongo – Part 1

The Fongo Mobile app not only offers free calling to over 1300 cities across Canada, but we also have great features that will help you manage your calls, texts and even the app. This blog will help you learn how to customize your app using Fongo Faces, link a secondary number to Fongo and Sync your Fongo Number so you can Talk Freely to the World!

Link your number to Fongo

If you use Fongo as a secondary number or have a secondary number with another provider, you can now link that Canadian number to your Fongo number. This allows for other Fongo users that have you as a contact to call or text your Fongo number.

The option of linking your other number to your Fongo number will be prompt automatically when you start using the app. If you cancel at that point, you can always link your number later by going to Account->Settings and then choose Linked Number, once here, follow the instructions to link your number!

Note: Only Canadian Cellular Numbers are currently supported for linking.

Sync Fongo Numbers

Syncing your Fongo Number can be useful so you can make free calls and send texts to your friends. If someone in your contacts has Fongo and they have linked their secondary number to their Fongo number they will appear in your contacts once you sync them.

There are a few ways to sync your contacts, you can do it when you start using the app. A message will pop up asking you if you want to sync your contacts, follow the instructions here.

If you decide to do it at a later time, you can! Just go to Account->Settings and choose Sync Fongo Number. Another way to sync your number is when you launch Contacts, you can choose Sync Fongo numbers.

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