Tips when Using Fongo – Part 2

Tips when Using Fongo – Part 2

With Fongo you can choose who can call you, where to receive calls and also plan your day. These tips will make your life easier when using Fongo

Block unwanted calls

If you want to block unwanted calls from a specific number, you just need to go to your app, and add the number to the block list. This will make the calls and texts from these numbers not come into your Fongo app. To add numbers to this list, open your app, go to AccountSettings– Scroll down to Phone ServiceBlocked NumbersAdd a Number.


This free feature allows you to forward your calls to up to three numbers, this can be sequentially or simultaneously, giving you the freedom to answer your call on the device of your choice. To take advantage of this Fongo feature, open your app, go to AccountSettings– Scroll down to Phone ServiceCall Forwarding (choose the option you want). You can also set the number of rings before the call gets forwarded.

With the sequential mode, the call will be forwarded to the first listed number, if the call is not answer it will be forwarded to the second number, and so on. If you miss the call in all the numbers, the call will be directed to your voicemail system.

With the simultaneous mode, all the numbers will ring at the same time, giving you the option of picking up the call in any of the devices.

There are some restrictions with this feature, you can find out more here


You can also use the Fongo app to find and call local businesses in your current area or anywhere in Canada. To get to this part of the app, go to the main menu and click on Here you can choose predetermined categories or you can enter your own search, you can search in your current location or change to another location. Once you find the business you can call from the Fongo app, get directions or find more information about the business.



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