Government Service Numbers

Fongo has added support for X-1-1 numbers in different provinces.

If the phone number originates from a specific area we will connect to that area’s local version of the service based on the from number.

2-1-1  Community Health and Social Services

Call to receive information regarding healthcare or social service institutions such as:

  • Abuse / Assault
  • Disabilities
  • Emergency / Crisis
  • Employment / Training
  • Family services
  • Food
  • Health Care
  • Homelessness
  • Housing
  • Mental Health / Addictions
  • Newcomers / Immigrants
  • Older Adults
  • Youth

Available in…
British Columbia
Nova Scotia

3-1-1 – Municipal services

Call to report non-emergency public issues:

  • dead animal removal
  • debris in roadway
  • illegal burning
  • non-working streetlamps, parking meters, traffic lights
  • noise complaints
  • Parking Law Enforcement
  • potholes, sinkholes and utility holes in streets
  • reporting stolen vehicles

Available in…

5-1-1  Traffic Information

Ministry of Transportation telephone service that provides the public with voice-activated, hands-free information on provincial highways:

  • Road closures
  • Winter road conditions
  • Construction projects

Available in…
British Columbia
Nova Scotia

8-1-1 Provincial Telehealth Services

Call to be connected with a medical professional who can assist you with non-urgent health inquiries such as:

  • Abdominal pain / discomfort
  • Chest pain / discomfort
  • Children’s colds & coughs
  • Adult colds & coughs
  • Adult nausea & vomiting

Available in…
British Columbia
Nova Scotia

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