How To Watch American Netflix in Canada!

Canadians always get the short end of the stick when it comes to entertainment. Canadians quite often go online to watch something or visit a website and are roadblocked with a message saying “not available in your country”. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way around this? THERE IS! Fongo will show you how with these steps…

*Note: This must be done on a laptop/desktop computer and you will also need to have a Netflix account
*Use at your own risk

1.Download and Install Google Chrome

If you don’t use google chrome as your internet browser already, download and install it here:

2. Install Chrome Extension Hola

Go to the Chrome Web Store
Search for the extension “hola”, it should be the first extension on the list with this logo:

Click “Add to Chrome”

3. Search for Netflix and Sign In

Google search for Netflix like you normally would and sign in. Once you are at the Netflix home screen where it displays all the shows you can watch/recently watched, click on the new hola icon in the top left corner of your google chrome search bar. Click whichever country you would like to view from, the U.S. will be your first option.

This should reload the webpage with American Netflix! Enjoy

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