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Safe Internet Installations During COVID-19

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Technicians are screened daily to ensure they are healthy and not experiencing any symptoms
        – Technicians with the slightest cough or high temperature are not permitted to perform installations 
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  • Technicians will no longer be entering customers homes during their installation
  • If possible, installations will be performed remotely, meaning you will not receive a phone call or technician visit
  • You will be required to self-install your modem inside your home
    (Modem installation instructions are also available at the bottom of this page)
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Technicians will wear single-use latex gloves during the installation and have been advised to exercise an extra focus on cleanliness

Cable internet customers will need to provide their own coaxial cable
(since technicians are mainly performing remote installs)

Speak to a live person regarding questions or to sign up

1-855-553-6646 Ext. 301

Fongo Unlimited High Speed Internet

Cable & DSL Available

Depending on your address, you may be able to qualify for a cable connection or a DSL connection.

  • WiFi-enabled modem** – Limited Time Offer Free Modem Rental
  • Unlimited Internet usage
  • Free Installation (No dry-loop fee if required)
  • No Contract

** Modem is property of Fongo and must be returned within 30 days of cancellation.
Customer will be charged $150 if modem is not returned.
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Fongo Internet

Note: Service available for Ontario and Quebec residents only.
Service may not be available in all areas of Ontario and Quebec.

Fongo Free Modem Rental Internet

Take advantage of Fongo’s Limited Time Offer of a Free Modem Rental for the Life of Your Service – A $10 per month Savings!

Cable 75Our Fastest Internet


Download speed up to 75Mbps. Upload speed up to 10Mbps

  • Perfect for 6-8 people or devices online at the same time
  • Surf, post, download and stream with unlimited usage
  • Ideal for online gaming
  • Only available in Ontario
  • We DO NOT provide the coaxial cable

DSL 50Most Popular


Download speed up to 50Mbps. Upload speed up to 10Mbps

  • Perfect for 6-8 people or devices online at the same time
  • Surf, post, download and stream with unlimited usage
  • Ideal for online gaming

DSL 25


Download speed up to 25Mbps. Upload speed up to 10Mbps

  • Perfect for 4-5 people or devices online at the same time
  • Surf, post, download and stream with unlimited usage
  • Can be used for online gaming

DSL 15


Download speed up to 15Mbps. Upload speed up to 1Mbps

  • Perfect for 2-3 people or devices online at the same time
  • Surf, post, download and stream with unlimited usage
  • Cannot be used for online gaming
  • Sending and uploading files may be slow

*Applicable taxes extra

Fongo Internet Ordering Process

Request Service

Fongo Internet Signup
Call our sales line to see if your address qualifies for our service and sign up over the phone.
1-855-553-6646 x301
Fill out our sign up form and a sales agent will contact you.


A pre-authorized debit payment method can be setup after your first month has been paid for with a credit card.

Before we book your installation, we need to charge you for your first month of service. Your billing cycle won’t start until your service is successfully installed and you are in possession of your modem.

Acceptable payment methods:

Book Installation

Installations will be booked at least 1 week out (call on Monday, earliest installation will be the next Monday). Once your installation date is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email from us.

We Ship Your Modem


We will ship your modem before your installation date using Purolator. The package will be left at your door or in your mailbox upon delivery. Please provide us a shipping address where someone will be available to collect the package quickly to avoid theft or weather damage. (Delivery during business hours 9am-5pm Mon-Fri)

Installation is Performed

A Bell or Rogers technican may call you to confirm your availablity before they arrive for the installation. Please ensure you provide the proper phone number where you can be reached on your install day. If you fail to answer the technicians call, they may not show up.

Note: Occasionally installations are done remotely. If a technician doesn’t show up on your installation date, proceed with your self-installation of the modem. (Your installation was likely done remotely)

Install Your Adapter

Follow the instructions in the Quick Start Guide that came with your modem or refer to the “Installing Modem Instructions” at the bottom of this page. If you wish to change the network name and password, follow the corresponding instructions at the bottom of this webpage.

Call Us Now!

Submit a Service Request!

No credit card required. A customer experience agent will contact you to collect payment information and arrange an install date.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Cisco DPC 3848v


  • Smart RG 616ac
  • Kasda KW6262

* The modem you receive is dependent on our modem supply at the time of ordering

Yes, you can. There are two methods.

Method 1 (recommended and supported):

Plug your router into 1 of the LAN ports on the modem, then log into the modem to disable the modem’s wireless (WiFi) signal. (Instructions for logging into each modem type are at the bottom of this webpage)

Method 2 (not recommended or supported):

Plug your router into LAN port 1 and put your modem into bridge mode. You will need to find your own instructions online for putting your modem into bridge mode. When in bridge mode, our support team will be unable to access your modem, therefore we won’t be able to support you if you have issues with your internet service.

No, you must use the modem we provide you. However, you can use your own router if you wish.

No, if you decide not to use the entire months’ worth of service that you paid for, you are forfeiting that payment.

Fongo Internet Includes FREE Installation

Fongo Free Installation

Instructions for setting up Fongo Internet service

DSL – Smart RG Modem

Installing DSL Modem Instructions
DSL Wifi Network Name & Password Change

DSL – Kasda Modem

Kasda WiFi Network Name & Password Change
Installing Kasda Modem Instructions

CABLE – Cisco Technicolor Modem

Installing Cable Modem Instructions
Cable Wifi Network Name & Password Change