Fongo Internet

Fongo Unlimited High Speed Internet

Up to 50Mbps / 10Mbps 

$50* / month

Fongo has just launched a new Unlimited Internet service for the provinces of Ontario and Quebec.

The service comes with a FREE WiFi enabled modem**, Unlimited Internet, Free Installation, and No Contracts.

Simply fill out our form with your info and our team will do a service check on your address to determine if service is available at your location. A team member will contact you by email or phone regarding the results of the service check for your address. You can then ask questions to our team member and sign up over the phone if the service is right for you.

*Applicable taxes extra
** Modem is property of Fongo and must be returned if service is cancelled.
Modem shown may vary depending on service type.

Internet Service Availability Check



Fongo Internet Includes a FREE WiFi Enabled Modem

Fongo Free Installation