Hey FreePhoneLine Members!

We are urging you to switch to Fongo Home Phone as we do not support Free Phone Line through technical support. Your current service with Free Phone Line will not be affected, and will continue to function as expected. If you require technical support, we will not be able to assist you, with the exception of Pay-Per-Incident calls, costing $50. From now until July 12th, 2019, transfer your phone service from Free Phone Line to Fongo Home Phone and receive 6 months of service for FREE. Call 1-855-553-6646 Ex. 309 to take advantage of this exclusive offer.

Promotion Details:

  • With Fongo Home Phone, you get the latest VOIP technology with our new ATA Adaptor, unlimited technical support, and reliable service for years to come.
  • The signup package includes:
    • Fongo Adapter – $29
    • Shipping and Handling – $9.95
    • Emergency Services Registration Fee (one-time) – $4.95
    • First Month of Service – $4.95
    • Total Signup Cost: $48.85
    • 6 Months of Additional Home Phone service for FREE ($4.95 x 6 months = $29.70 Value)
  • This offer is only available over the phone at 1-855-553-6646 Ex. 309. This offer is not available on our Home Phone signup web page.
  • This offer is only valid until 4:00 PM on July 12th, 2019.
  • Offer valid only for Free Phone Line members that have purchased the VOIP unlock key through the Free Phone Line store.
  • The number to transfer must be your Free Phone Line number, not from another provider.
  • If you cancel within 6 months of your Fongo Home Phone sign up, you will be charged a $29 cancellation fee.

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1-855-553-6646 Ext. 309