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Cable or DSL Available

Depending on your address, you may qualify for a Cable connection or a DSL connection.

Service only available in Ontario & Quebec.

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Speeds & Prices

Prices shown are pre-tax.


Green checkmark indicates Optimal. Yellow indicates Limited, may experience interruption. A red "x" mark indicates that it is not supported at that speed.

Exact speeds are not guaranteed.


DSL service will only be offered in areas where cable is unavailable.


Whether you bring your own modem or borrow one from us, there’s no monthly charge for hardware.

Bring Your Own Hardware

After placing your order for Internet service, a representative will be in touch to help you setup your modem.

Hardware Hardware Model/Version Firmware Version Maximum Speeds WiFi
Hiltron CODA-45 1 Gbps
Hiltron CODA-4680 300 Mbps
Hiltron CDA3-20 150 Mbps
Hiltron CDA3-35 300 Mbps
Hiltron CGN3 150 Mbps
Hiltron CGNM-3550 300 Mbps
Hiltron CODA 300 Mbps
SmartRG SR808ac 150 Mbps
Technicolor CGA4234DGW v1.0 CGA4234-P15-13-CA902-c0200r181-191007 300 Mbps
Technicolor TC4350 50041.1.19.0 300 Mbps
Technicolor TC4400 SR701343-190628-D 300 Mbps
Technicolor TC4400 v2 Sr701343-190628-D 300 Mbps
TP-Link TC7650 v1.0.3 Build 20161117 Rel358190 150 Mbps

Any VDSL-compatible modem can be used for DSL.
Research your modem model to determine if it is a VDSL modem.

Borrow From Us

We will ship you a pre-configured, “plug & play” modem before your activation date.
*$29 refundable deposit required.

Cable Modem

FREE Rental
fongo internet hardware cable modem hitron coda 45

DSL Modem

hardware dsl gateway smart rg sr516ac

WiFi Mesh

1st Pod – FREE
Additional Pods – $5/mo.

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