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Grandstream HT-801

Fongo’s Home Phone service requires the Grandstream HT801 adapter to be used, and it must be purchased from Fongo.

$59 $25 one-time fee

  • One-time fee at signup
  • You own the device (not rented)
  • Plug & play upon arrival


VoIP Home Phone Service uses the internet for calling instead of using physical phone line infrastructure.
As shown below, the typical setup is your adapter attached to your router or modem, then your home phone device attaches to your adapter.

Grandstream HT801 voip adapter setup diagram

Alternative Setups

WiFi Extender

If your internet modem or router is not located in the same place you want your home phone device or base station, you can connect a WiFi extender to your WiFi network, which you can plug into any power outlet in your home. The WiFi extender will provide you with an ethernet connection for your HT-801 adapter.

Everyone’s internet speed, signal strength, and WiFi extender will be different, so we cannot support this setup. Attempt this setup at your own risk, we are simply letting you know it is possible.

WiFi Extender plugged into a wall-power outlet

Master Phone Jack

Plugging the VoIP adapter into your home’s master phone jack will allow all the phone jacks in the house to be connected to your Fongo Home Phone service. Your home’s master phone jack is usually found in the basement.

Everyone’s house is different, so we cannot support this setup
Attempt this setup at your own risk, we are simply letting you know it is possible.

Basic diagram of a house with a telephone line coming into the basement, which is where the master jack typically is.


Anywhere you have an active ethernet connection, you can take your HT-801 adapter with you and use your home phone service there. With Fongo, your home phone number is not tied to your address, it’s tied to your adapter.

a woman at the cottage talking on fongo phone phone

Take it to the Cottage

couple talking on fongo home phone

Take it on Extended Vacations

Simply unplug your adapter from your home’s setup and mimic the same setup at the new destination. You will be able to make and receive calls using your regular home phone number.

Frequently Asked Questions

Within 15 days of purchase, if you find your device is defective, you must contact our support team and let them know right away.
Our support team will perform some troubleshooting with you to determine the device is indeed defective, then once they confirm, they will provide instructions on returning the device and receiving a replacement.

Your device will not be replaced under warranty beyond the first 15 days.

Your internet service must provide the adapter with the following speeds:

Download Speed: 2 mbps
Upload Speed: 1 mbps

You can use any type of internet service (DSL, Cable, Fibre, etc.) from any provider, as long as the adapter receives an ethernet connection with the minimum speeds mentioned above.

If your internet speeds hover around the minimum speeds mentioned above, you may experience poor call quality or dropped calls.

If your adapter needs replacement outside of the warranty timeline, it will cost $59 + $14.95 for shipping.

Please contact our support team regarding a defective adapter.