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Virtual Phone System For Small Businesses

Fongo Works is a cloud-based phone system for small-medium sized businesses that you can setup & customize at any time from your online dashboard. Use your smartphone, computer, or desk phone to make & receive calls.

Create an account and setup a fully functioning phone system with our unlimited free trial, then upgrade to Pro later if you need the features.

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How It All WORKS!

1. Customer Calls Into Your Business

You can have several different phone numbers for customers to reach your business:

  • FREE Fongo Works number (chosen during sign up)
  • Transferred-in from another provider
  • Toll-free number
  • Custom Vanity number
Someone calling a Fongo Works business number
a representation of a Fongo Works virtual receptionist

2. Automated Receptionist Answers The Call

An automated receptionist greeting will play as soon as the call connects. Your custom greeting will help guide your callers to the right extension and provide business information.

3. Caller Chooses Their Option

The caller will select one of your extensions.
For example “Press 1 for Sales.

They can also enter a direct extension number , preceded by the “#” key.
(Example: #102)

someone dialing a Fongo Works business number

4. The Call is Routed To The Selected Extension

Fongo Works App on iPhone
Joe’s extension is directed to his Fongo Works mobile app on his smartphone. Joe could also have the call forwarded directly to his cell phone number if he didn’t want to use the mobile app.
Fongo Works Desk Phone

Tim’s extension is directed to his IP desk phone

Answer incoming calls on either your desk phone or mobile app

Lisa’s extension is directed to her IP desk phone, but she misses the call, so it is forwarded to her cell phone

(There are several different ways to configure how the call will come to you, it is not limited to these 3 options)

Fongo Works Free Features

Included with Free Signup

A wide range of features are included with a free Fongo Works account.
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Fongo Works Pro Features

Included with Pro Upgrade

In addition to all free features, you can upgrade to Fongo Works Pro for only $10/month to unlock a full stack of Pro features.
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Add-On Features

Purchased Individually

All features below can be purchased with a Free or Pro account.
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There are several options of apps and physical devices for making & receiving calls that come to your Fongo Works phone system.

how to



Login to your Fongo Works dashboard at


Click the shop icon at the top of your dashboard.


Add items to your cart, then checkout when you’re ready to order.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Pro Upgrade is per account, not member / extension. Fongo Works Pro encompasses the entire system.

There is no time limit on the free trial. If you are satisfied with the free version of Fongo Works, you may use it forever.

Please note that Fongo Mobile, Fongo Home Phone and Fongo Works are separate products. The credentials, phone numbers and accounts cannot be used interchangeably across account management pages.

Ex: You will not be able to use a Fongo Works account to log in to the Fongo mobile application.

Your Fongo Works account will be deleted after 180 days of inactivity (no incoming or outgoing calls) if ALL of the following criteria are met:
  • The account is over 1 year old
  • The account has no calling credit balance
  • The account has no active monthly subscriptions
    • Pro membership
    • Pro devices
    • Additional phone numbers
To keep your account alive, simply call your Fongo Works phone number every so often.
Whether it is a device purchased from Fongo or a BYOD, you will have “user access” which is limited access to alter basic features (different phone models will have different access). We will not supply you with the main password or SIP credentials. The devices will be setup specifically to work on the Fongo Works system, so if there are features your phone has that are not compatible with Fongo Works, they will be disabled.
User access credentials:
Username: user
Password: 36646

No, unfortunately you will need to make-do with the Fongo Works logo as your background.

No, we will not give out our SIP credentials. It is mandatory for one of our agents to setup your device for you.

No, the Fongo Works mobile app is free for all users, whether you are using the free version or the Pro version of Fongo Works.

The Fongo Works desktop app is only available for Pro users, but is still not considered a Pro device, meaning there is no monthly fee like other Pro devices.

Within 30 Days of Receiving Device

You can return the device back to us for a full refund or replacement (assuming the device is in new condition and not malfunctioning due to misuse).

Outside of 30 Days of Receiving Device

The customer must contact the manufacturer for any warranty claims.

Fongo Works services can only be paid for using Canadian issued Mastercard or Visa Credit cards. (Prepaid Visa cards work)

You may see other areas of our website that mention Paypal and/or American Express as acceptable payment methods. Our other services have different billing systems and can accept different payment methods. Unfortunately, Fongo Works only accepts the payment methods mentioned above.