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There are several options of apps and physical devices for making & receiving calls that come to your Fongo Works phone system.

Jitsi App on Fongo Works

FREE Devices

Available for both Free and Pro users.

The following are no-cost options that can be used by themselves or paired and used alongside a Pro Device. Click on each image below to learn more.

Fongo Works mobile app
Forward to your cellphone for free with Fongo Works

PRO Devices

The Fongo Works Pro Upgrade is required to add Pro Devices to your system.

Free Shipping

We ship your physical devices through Canada Post. Devices usually arrive within 3-5 business days of ordering.

$5 / month

Each Pro Device you add to your Fongo Works system will add a recurring $5/month fee to your monthly bill.

Free Configuration

After asking which extension you want the device configured for, we setup the device for you so you can “plug and play” when it arrives.
*Excludes Desktop app & BYOD
Fongo Works Pro Upgrade required for Pro Devices.

Features Available

Ethernet connectivity

Power Over Ethernet (PoE)

Bluetooth connectivity

Wi-Fi connectivity

Power Over Ethernet (PoE)

Features Available

Ethernet connectivity

Bluetooth connectivity

Wi-Fi connectivity

Grandstream logo

HT801 $55

Grandstream HT 801 For Fongo Works
Grandstream logo

GHP611 $55

Fongo Works GHP 611 Pro Device Phone
Grandstream logo

DECT System $70-$75

Fongo Works DP750 and DP720 DECT phones
Grandstream logo

GRP2602 $65

Grandstream GRP 2602 For Fongo Works
Grandstream logo

GRP2602W $95

Grandstream GRP 2602 For Fongo Works
Grandstream logo

GRP2612 $90

Grandstream GRP 2612 For Fongo Works
Grandstream logo

GRP2612W $130

Grandstream GRP 2612 For Fongo Works
Grandstream logo

GRP2624 $155

Fongo Works GRP2624
Grandstream logo

GRP2615 $200

Grandstream GRP 2615 for Fongo Works
Grandstream logo

WP810 $150

Grandstream WP810 for Fongo Works
Grandstream logo

GAC2500 $425

Grandstream 2500 for Fongo Works

Bring Your Own Device $15

Fongo Grandstream Certified Reseller

How To

Go Pro / Buy Devices


Login to your Fongo Works dashboard at


Click the shop icon at the top of your dashboard.


Add items to your cart, then checkout when you’re ready to order.

*We contact you to confirm setup and shipping details

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether it is a device purchased from Fongo or a BYOD, you will have “user access” which is limited access to alter basic features (different phone models will have different access). We will not supply you with the main password or SIP credentials. The devices will be setup specifically to work on the Fongo Works system, so if there are features your phone has that are not compatible with Fongo Works, they will be disabled.
User access credentials:
Username: user
Password: 36646

No, unfortunately you will need to make-do with the Fongo Works logo as your background.

No, we will not give out our SIP credentials. It is mandatory for one of our agents to setup your device for you.

No, the Fongo Works app is free for all users, whether you are using the free version or the Pro version of Fongo Works.

Within 30 Days of Receiving Device

You can return the device back to us for a full refund or replacement (assuming the device is in new condition and not malfunctioning due to misuse).


  • Only the purchase price + tax of the device will be refunded
  • You pay for return shipping

Outside of 30 Days of Receiving Device

The customer must contact the manufacturer for any warranty claims.