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Premium Features

Included in $4.95/month

Fongo’s Home Phone service includes all of the premium features described on this page at no extra charge.

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Caller ID

Incoming Calls

If you have a home phone device that is capable of displaying caller ID info, you will be able to see the name and number of who’s calling you (assuming their provider sends that info).

Outgoing Calls

When you make outgoing calls, your recipient will be shown your phone number and the name on your account by default.


You can choose whether your voicemail’s are saved in the Fongo cloud, or if they’re saved on your home phone device’s answering machine. Where you want your voicemails saved should have a LOWER “rings before voicemail” setting than the other voicemail option, so that it intercepts the call first.

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Voicemails Saved in Fongo Cloud

  • Messages can be forwarded to your email
  • Customize your rings before your caller reaches voicemail
  • Check your voicemail messages remotely using a call-in number & a password

Voicemails Saved on Device’s Answering Machine

Your home phone device may have its own answering machine for voicemail messages, which you can use instead of Fongo’s cloud voicemail. It will have its own settings/features.

Call Forwarding

Setup call forwarding with your home phone service so that you never miss your calls. Calls that come to your home phone number can be forwarded to another number, or a series of numbers.

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Ring Mode Options

All your call forwarding numbers will ring at the same time, including your home phone number, so you can choose where to answer the call.

If you have multiple call forwarding numbers, they will ring one-by-one. If there’s no answer and no voicemail picks up, the call will route back to your Fongo voicemail.

Call Forward Options

Always Call Forward
Your call forwarding settings will kick-in immediately, for every call. 

Call Forward When Unavailable
Call forwarding settings will only kick-in if there is no answer on the home phone number, or if the adapter is offline.   

Call Waiting

If your home phone device is capable, you can have a 2nd phone call come to your home phone number, which you can pickup, leaving the first call on hold until you’re finished with the 2nd call that came in.


Plug your fax machine into your home phone adapter to send and receive faxes, just like using a regular fax line.
You can also receive faxes sent to your home phone number, in your email inbox.
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Conference Calling

Fongo provides a conference call service that can be used by anyone, including non-fongo users. There’s no limit to the length of your calls and you can have up to 10 participants in a call.


If you have voicemail-to-email enabled on your home phone system, any text messages that are sent to your home phone number will also be forwarded to your email inbox.