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Fongo Changing the Telecom Landscape in Canada with the Launch of Fongo Home Phone

First Free Home Phone Calling Service For Canadians

CAMBRIDGE, ONTARIO, July 18, 2012 –

Fongo Inc., Canada’s fastest growing mobile telecommunications company, announced today the launch of a home phone version of its popular free mobile phone service, eliminating home phone calling costs for millions of Canadians. The announcement follows Fongo’s recent launch of Dell Voice, the first truly free mobile phone service.

A 2012 report from the CRTC concluded that the average Canadian home phone bill is $5http://www.dellvoice.ca2, with high usage households paying over $60. Fongo Home Phone eliminates these costs by providing a free local phone number, free calling to most of Canada, and free premium features like voicemail, call display, and call waiting. Canadian residents can get the Fongo Home Phone service with a one-time $59 purchase of the Fongo phone adapter plus a $4.95 monthly essential services fee.

“Our mission at Fongo is to fix a broken industry. There’s absolutely no reason people should still be paying $60 a month for a home phone,” said Dave Bullock, president of Fongo. “In February we provided a cure for mobile bill shock, and today we’re addressing the needs of Canadians who feel they are paying too much for their home phone bill, but aren’t ready to give up home phone service.”

In a beta test of over 10,000 households, Fongo Home Phone saved the average Canadian over $500 per year. Fongo Home Phone is currently available to residents of Alberta, BC, Ontario, and Quebec.

The Fongo Home Phone service comes with:

  • • A free Canadian phone number (or port your existing number for a one-time $25 fee)
  • • Free unlimited calling to most of Canada
  • • Free calls to and from other Fongo customers anytime, anywhere in the world
  • • Free voicemail, caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding
  • • Free voicemail to email service
  • • International calling rates as low as 2 cents per minute
  • • Support for 911 emergency calls

No technician is required to set-up Fongo Home Phone as customers easily activate the service at home by simply plugging in the Fongo phone adapter. Customers are also not required to sign a contract locking them in to the service.

“Fongo home phone doesn’t just eliminate our customers’ phone bills, it gives them incredible freedom,” said Dave Bullock. “If you have a cottage or travel to Florida for the winter and you have access to high speed internet, you can bring Fongo Home Phone with you. You’ll never miss a call to your number and continue to call to most of Canada for free.”

To sign up for Fongo Home Phone, visit

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