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Fongo’s Mobile Application Used by Hundreds of Thousands of Canadians Just Got Much, Much Better!

Fongo Users Spoke and Fongo Listened – Free Mobile Application Upgrade 3.0 Released

CAMBRIDGE, ONTARIO, Aug 22, 2013 – Fongo Inc., Canada’s fastest growing mobile telecommunication company by subscriber, Fongo Inc., is pleased to announce the release of the upgraded version of their hugely popular free smartphone application on both iOS and Android platforms. Already installed in hundreds of thousands of smart phones and devices, Fongo’s apps feature a free Canadian phone number allowing for free local and long distance calling, free voicemail and free call display. It is available in all provinces.

Fongo works by routing calls over the user’s Wi-Fi or data connection, eliminating the need for expensive voice minutes. Fongo users have reported saving between $10 and $80 a month on their mobile bills by eliminating the costs for domestic, long distance, local airtime minutes, and voicemail fees.

Fongo 3.0 was developed utilizing the input from Canadians coast-to-coast who are currently using the application. Their feedback inspired a complete reworking of the design, augmenting the existing rich feature set while adding new custom settings, producing a simple, intuitive user-friendly mobile experience.

Upgrades Include:

  • New UI eliminates the need for a home screen
  • Dial pad on launch
  • Social media inspired left-side menu configuration
  • Full voicemail and text message lists

Fongo 3.0 also coincides with a network augment and upgrade to prepare for the next tier of growth. In conjunction with the development path for Fongo 3.0, the company is planning a Q4 international release, bringing Fongo’s free mobile telephony to markets worldwide.

“With the phenomenal adoption numbers experienced here in Canada, we feel the international market will be very excited to have access to the Fongo services.” said Fongo President and CEO Jody Schnarr.

“Not only will this latest version of Fongo continue to save Canadians hundreds of dollars on their mobile bills, the ease of use and clean look should drive growth exponentially.”

Fongo chief architect Joe Preiditsch said, “We listened to our users, and we used that to redesign and rebuild the app. Their feedback was invaluable and already we are hearing from them on our Facebook page how great an experience they are having using Fongo.”

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