Note: Tablet plans come with data only, whereas regular smartphone plans come with voice minutes, texting, and data. Tablet plans are a fraction of the cost of smartphone plans.

You may be thinking… I can’t use a tablet plan on my smartphone!

Yes, you actually can! The data-only SIM cards used in tablets are the same SIM cards used in smartphones. Who knew?!

Want to use Fongo with a data-only tablet plan?

Follow these 5 steps:

  1. Visit your phone provider’s website to view their data-only tablet plans
  2. Purchase or switch to a Bring You Own Device – Tablet Plan (as you will be using it for your smartphone)
  3. Receive your new data-only SIM card from your provider
  4. Activate the SIM card from your provider
  5. Put the SIM card in your smartphone-with the data connection you can now use the Fongo App for all your calls and texts!

Did you know that Fongo now offers LTE service?

With Fongo Wireless you can get data to take on the go! When you pair Fongo Wireless with Fongo Mobile you will get unlimited texting and calling across Canada and you can take Fongo mobile with you anywhere in Canada, no need for WiFi.