Make Sure You Are Updated

Sometimes to speed up your connection all you need is an update, this can include either your routers or your wireless card from your computer or device. To update your router will really just depend on your device type, just a simple google search and you should be able to find simple instructions to follow. Same goes for your devices.

Correct Placement

Where your router is actually located in your house can have a huge effect to the strength and power of your connection. Try and make sure that the router is in an open space and not surrounded by obstacles. In addition attempt to make it as central as possible. Although most people may not like the aesthetics of a router in the open, doing so can certainly increase its range. If possible elevation on the router will help. Lastly, if the router has antennas be sure that they are in a vertical position to optimize your routers reach.

Reboot at Night

Regularly rebooting your router can be a good habit to get into. This can usually be as simple as unplugging your router or modem from its power outlet (don’t just turn it off). Wait 15-20 seconds, then plug it back in. Give the device a minute or two to turn back on. A good time to reboot it might be when you are going to bed.

Security: Use A Password!

Be sure to set up your router securely. Having a password is a must! Without one, you could have other users stealing your bandwidth without you even knowing. Don’t allow just anyone on to your router. On top of adding a password try and use the WPA/WPA2 security algorithms, these are far more secure than WEP. Many new routers now have mobile apps which allow you to control important settings such as passwords in a more convenient way.

Heavy Bandwidth Programs

As great as Netflix is, it is also very internet hungry. Using these heavy bandwidth apps can really drain your internet and slow it down for everyone else. Be selective what you are using and be aware of what other people are doing on other devices throughout your house. Higher-end routers often split bandwidth between devices much more efficiently.

Frequency & Channels

This may be a bit more complicated but selecting the highest available frequency on your router is recommended. You can do this by accessing your network administrator settings. The standard setting is 2.4 GHz but some some routers will offer 5 GHz. 5GHz provides faster speeds at a cost of range, so it’s important to consider how far away your router is. Check out these two videos below for a great explanation!

When selecting a channel, first open up the windows command prompt and input “netsh wlan show all”. This will allow you to see what channels all your neighbours are using. From here you want to figure out one they are not using, the more traffic on one channel will slow it down. To then change your routers channel open up wireless network’s administrator settings and search through for the channel selection. These will differ depending on which model you are using.

Although simple these changes can certainly make a difference. If you find that you are still struggling you can always call your service provider and see what they can offer, such as higher internet speeds. In addition to this, it might just be worth investing in a newer high speed router.

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