Note: Tablet plans come with data only, whereas regular smartphone plans come with voice minutes, texting, and data. Tablet plans are a fraction of the cost of smartphone plans.

You may be thinking… I can’t use a tablet plan on my smartphone!

Yes, you actually can! The data-only SIM cards used in tablets are the same SIM cards used in smartphones. Who knew?!

Want to use Fongo with a data-only tablet plan?

Folllow these 5 steps:

  1. Visit your phone provider’s website to view their data-only tablet plans
  2. Purchase or switch to a Bring You Own Device – Tablet Plan (as you will be using it for your smartphone)
  3. Receive your new data-only SIM card from your provider
  4. Activate the SIM card from your provider
  5. Put the SIM card in your smartphone-with the data connection you can now use the Fongo App for all your calls and texts!