How it works

To you, and the person you’re calling, Fongo Mobile
works exactly like every phone you’ve ever used.

In a nutshell

How Fongo Mobile works

Fongo Mobile uses Voice-Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to place and receive calls and send and receive messages using your existing data plan (3G/4G) or nearby WiFi connection and Fongo’s nationwide network.


Save by using data

No need for voice numbers

Fongo Mobile can help you save hundreds of dollars even if you’re under contract with a mobile carrier.

With Fongo Mobile:

  • Eliminate your long distance and local calling costs.
  • Eliminate or greatly reduce your texting costs.
  • Stop paying for premium features like voicemail and caller ID — you get these free from Fongo.
  • Consider reducing the size of your existing mobile plan since Fongo calls use data, not your expensive voice minutes. Or, switch to a data-only plan.

Connect on WiFi and 3G/4G data

Look for the WiFi/Data indicator in the app; it updates when your connection changes.

When you’re connected on a call, Fongo uses 0.5MB of data per calling minute so a 500MB data-plan gives you approximately 1000 calling minutes per month.

Note: Switching between WiFi and data during a call is not supported.

Say goodbye to contracts

No hidden fee and no surprises

Have an iPod touch or iPad with WiFi? It just became your ultimate free phone with no monthly bill.

Easy Setup

Make your first call or send your first text in minutes.

Signing up for Fongo Mobile is quick. Install Fongo Mobile on your smartphone, get your new phone number, and start placing calls and sending messages instantly with Fongo Mobile. Encourage your friends to call and text you on your new Fongo Mobile phone number.

Keep your number

No hidden fee and no surprises

No need to update your contact information with friends and family.

Travel with Fongo

Take free calling and texting with you.

Call and text from anywhere in the world and save. Simply find a spot with WiFi coverage to place calls or send messages back home. All calls to our Free Calling Cities are free, no matter where you’re calling from. Or add World Credits for calls to locations outside of Fongo’s Free Calling Cities.

Don’t worry about missing calls

Always on.

Receive incoming call and message notifications even if you’re using another app or your phone is in sleep mode.

Get Fongo Now


Fongo provides free calling and messaging on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android and BlackBerry 10. You can also replace your current home phone service with Fongo Home Phone.