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International Calling

As Low As 2¢ Per Min

Making outgoing calls to anywhere outside of Canada and the USA will require international calling credits on your account.

Receive calls from anywhere in the world at no charge.

Home Phone International Call

World credits are used to make international calls outside of Canada and the USA. Your world credit balance will be deducted per-minute by the calling rate for the country that you are calling. Learn more about international calling rates by clicking the button below.

Purchasing World Credits

1. Login to your Fongo Home Phone account

2. Enter the Online Store

3. Choose the denomination of World Credits you want to purchase

4. Enter your payment information and checkout

World Credit Denominations

When purchasing World Credits, you can opt-into auto-reload, which will automatically top-up your balance once it falls below $1.25

International Calling FAQ

No, with Fongo Home Phone service, your World Credit balance will never expire as long as you keep your service active (keep paying your bill).

If your World Credit balance falls to $0 during an international call, the call will drop.

You will need to enter the online store to purchase more World Credits, or wait for auto-reload to top-up your balance.

You can enable auto-reload while purchasing World Credits during sign up or in the online store (within your account).
When enabled, auto-reload will automatically bill your payment method on file and top-up your World Credits whenever your balance falls below $1.25.

Note: Auto-reload checks your balance once per day (in the middle of the night), so it will not top you up immediately. If you require an immediate top-up of World Credits, you will need to enter the online store and purchase more manually.

Unfortunately no, you will always need to use World Credits for international calling outside of Canada & USA.