Offers Ends Saturday, Dec 30.

Buy 1 Get 1 FREE!

Purchase Fongo Plus, get Unlimited Canada Texting.

For every month of Fongo Plus service you purchase, you will be awarded Unlimited Canada Texting service for the same number of months.
Only in-app purchases are eligible for this promotion.

You will have a full Canada/U.S. phone plan!

Along with other Fongo Plus features.

Canada & U.S. Calling

Canada & U.S. Text + Picture messaging

Reduced international calling rates


No problem!

Your subscriptions will be added onto your existing subscriptions.

Example: you currently have 17 days left of your Fongo Plus subscription, then you purchase 1 month of Fongo Plus during the boxing week promo. You will get 1 month + 17 days of Fongo Plus, and also 1 month of a Canada Texting subscription.