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The solution for those who want to use their smartphone for their business, but need to be able to decipher between personal calls & business calls. You can also make outgoing calls from your business’s caller ID instead of your personal phone number.

Logging into the Fongo Works mobile app for the first time requires a few easy steps:

How To Log in


Identify Incoming Calls

Identify Incoming Calls

Visually decipher between personal calls and business calls

Caller ID Options

Call-out publicly from any of your business’s phone numbers, or privately.

Message Team Members

Message Team Members

Use the instant messaging feature for internal chats with your team

View Call History

See past calls you answered, and calls you missed

Conference Calls

Instantly enter your system’s conference calling service

Check Voicemail

Listen to your extension’s voicemails or share them via email, all within the app

Frequently Asked Questions

Please note that Fongo Mobile, Fongo Home Phone and Fongo Works are separate products. The credentials, phone numbers and accounts cannot be used interchangeably across account management pages.

Ex: You will not be able to use a Fongo Works account to log in to the Fongo mobile application.

Anytime your extension is called, your mobile app will be the first thing to ring. Always.

Your call handling settings will dictate what happens after the call has been unanswered.

The app and your Pro device will ring simultaneously with each other as soon as someone calls your extension. You will have the choice of which device you want to answer.

If you ever want to transfer the call from your Pro device to your mobile app (or vice versa), simply transfer the call to your extension and both devices will begin ringing again, which will give you the choice to answer the other device.

No, only one device can be signed into each Fongo Works extension.

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