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Custom Ring Count

Included with Pro Upgrade

Each of your extensions can have its own unique setting for the number of rings. Each extension has 2 different settings for ring count:

  1. Mobile App and/or Pro Device ring count (default set to 5 rings)
  2. Forwarding to Cellphone ring count (default set to 2 rings)

Mobile App / Pro Device Ring Count

This ring count is for how many times you want the mobile app and/or Pro device for your extension to ring before your call handling settings kick-in.
(The mobile app and a Pro device on one extension will ring simultaneously)

Possible Rings


Forwarding to Cellphone Ring Count

This ring count is only used if your call handling settings are set to:

  • “Forward to cellphone”
  • “Forward to cellphone, then voicemail”

This ring count will kick-in after the Mobile App and/or Pro Device’s ring count has ended.

Possible Rings

Editing your extension’s Ring Count settings

There is no front-end settings available in your dashboard to edit ring counts, so you will need to ask our support team to edit them for you. Ensure you tell them which extension you want the ring count edited for, then the ring count setting.


Please edit the ring count for Ext. 102:

  • Mobile App and/or Pro Device: 7 rings
  • Forwarding to Cellphone: 4 rings

How To

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