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Transfer Music

Transfer music is the jingle that callers hear once they have dialed/selected an extension and they’re waiting for the recipient to answer. It essentially replaces the ringing tone that a traditional phone line has when calling someone.

Default (Free)

Free users cannot edit their transfer music. The Free transfer music contains a Fongo Works ad, which also cannot be removed until you upgrade to Pro.

Pro User

Upon upgrading to Pro, your transfer music will immediately be upgraded to the Pro transfer music, which is a mellow, modern jingle. The ad that is in Free transfer music will also be removed.


When you upgrade to Pro, you will gain the ability to send us a custom mp3 file, which we will upload as your transfer music. It can be any song you want or a recording of information about your business. Submit your custom transfer music for upload here.

Audio File Requirements:

  • MP3 must be less than 3 minutes in length
  • Use royalty free music or have permission for use:

How To

Go Pro


Login to your Fongo Works dashboard at


Click the shop icon at the top of your dashboard.


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