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Calling Credits

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Calling Credits are used for outgoing international calls and also incoming calls to your toll-free number. Your Fongo Works Calling Credit balance can be used by any of your members/extensions.

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International Calls

Making outgoing calls to international destinations requires calling credits on your account. Fongo offers low international calling rates as low as 2¢ per minute to the US, India, and the UK.

  • Incoming international calls are free
  • International calls are charged a 4¢ connection fee once the call is connected to the recipient
  • Fongo Works Pro users get unlimited US calling and lowered international rates

Toll-Free Calls

4¢ connection fee, then 2¢/min.

Incoming calls to your toll free number have a 4¢ connection fee upon the call connecting (call is answered) and a 2¢ per min fee for the call itself.

*Outgoing calls from toll-free numbers are free.

Making International Calls

All international calls are charged a 4¢ connection fee once the call is connected to the recipient (including voicemail), then your per-minute rate begins.

1. Start With ” 011 ” or ” + “

On Desktop / IP Devices: Before dialling the phone number you want to call, dial 011.

On the Fongo Works app: Press and hold “0” to dial the “+” symbol. “+” tells Fongo you’re calling internationally.

Making International Calls Pt 1
Making International Calls Pt 2

2. Dial The Number You Wish To Call

On the Fongo Works app, you will be shown the country you are calling and the rate that you will be charged for the call.

3. Press   to make the call

On the Fongo Works app, press the call button and your call will begin connecting.

Making International Calls Pt 3

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Log in to your Fongo Works dashboard
  2. Click the “Features” tab
  3. Scroll to the “Calling Credits” section

Note: You cannot check your balance in the Fongo Works mobile app.

No, with Fongo Works, Calling Credits do not expire.
  • Your toll-free number will not work for incoming or outgoing calls
  • When attempting to make an international call, you will hear an “insufficient balance” message
  • If your balance runs out during an outgoing international call or an incoming toll free call, the call will be cut off

How To

Buy Credits


Login to your Fongo Works dashboard at


Click the shop icon at the top of your dashboard.


Add items to your cart, then checkout when you’re ready to order.