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Where Does Fongo Works Provide Local Numbers?


The list below indicates where Fongo Works phone numbers are available. Our phone number inventory is constantly being updated and we may temporarily run out of phone numbers in certain areas from time-to-time. Alberta Banff - (587) Calgary - (587) Edmonton - (587) Lake Louise - (587) British Columbia New Westminster - (778) North Vancouver [...]

Where Does Fongo Works Provide Local Numbers?2020-08-31T16:47:55-04:00

Setting Up A Conference Call


Fongo Works Conference Calling Here are the steps for setting up conference calling for Fongo Works. Step 1: Sign into the Fongo Works Dashboard Step 2: Click on the receptionist tab Step 3: Under the Caller Options section select the number you wish to set as your conference call. Step 4: Click the space beside [...]

Setting Up A Conference Call2020-08-21T13:23:11-04:00

Fongo World Credits


How World Credits Work Mobile and home phone users need World Credits to make calls outside of Canada. Fongo users can call anywhere in the world if they have World Credits. If a Fongo user tries to call somewhere outside of Canada without World Credits, the call will not connect. Click here to see a [...]

Fongo World Credits2019-07-26T10:39:15-04:00
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