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One Price, Everything Included

Fongo’s Home Phone service is just like a traditional landline service, but less expensive.

$4.95 / month

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Why Fongo Home Phone?


*Applicable taxes extra

Fongo Grandstream Certified Reseller

$4.95 per month – Service Fee

$59 $29 one time – Adapter

+ Shipping Fee

What’s Included?

Optional Extras

Order Process

Sign Up/Place Order

Order Fongo’s Home Phone service online or over the phone:

We Ship Your Adapter

Shipping your Fongo devices
Shipping your Fongo devices

Your adapter will be delivered in 2-5 business days via Purolator delivery.

You can specify a shipping address that is different from your service address during sign up.

Install Your Adapter

plugging in your adaptor for fongo home phone number transfer

If transferring your number, wait until you receive a confirmation email before you install your adapter.

  1. Plug adapter into your wifi router
  2. Plug your Home Phone device into the adapter
  3. Plug your adapter into power
  4. Start making calls!

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

You can cancel service anytime without penalty. You will never be charged anything after you have cancelled service.

You own the adapter, so there is no return necessary upon cancellation.

To cancel, please submit a cancellation request to our support team and they will terminate your service and monthly charges.

Nope! The monthly service rate you signup with will be your rate for the life of your service.

How to refer

When you refer someone to Fongo Home Phone, make sure you tell them to enter your email address or your home phone number when they sign up.
There’s a “were you referred?” step during sign up where they will enter your email or phone number.


1st referral: You and the person you referred get 1 month of free service.
2nd referral: You get 2 months of free service. The person you referred gets 1 month free.
3rd (and beyond) referral: You get 3 months of free service. The person you referred gets 1 month free.

Please note that Fongo Mobile (iOS and Android), Fongo Home Phone and Fongo Works are separate products. The credentials, phone numbers and accounts cannot be used interchangeably across account management pages.

Ex: You will not be able to use a Fongo Home Phone account to log in to the Fongo mobile application.

Fongo Home Phone only provides the ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter) that gives your handset the ability to make calls over a wired internet connection. Handsets are not included. To find out more about the Grandstream HT-801 ATA that Fongo provides, click here. 

Cancelling Within 30 days of Purchase

What’s Refundable:

o   Adapter fee

o   Deposit

What’s Non-refundable:

o   Porting fee

o   Shipping Fee

o   Essential Service fee

*customer must return adapter to Fongo at their expense and provide support team with tracking number for return shipment

If cancelling service, please contact our support team for instructions.

Cancelling After 30 days of Purchase

What’s Refundable:

o   Deposit

Service is cancelled with no further charges. The adapter is owned by the customer and cannot be returned for refund.
If you would like to use the adapter with another provider in the future, please contact our support team (after cancellation) regarding unlocking the adapter.

Warranty Adapter Replacement

Within 30 days of purchase:

Contact our support team about your adapter’s issues. If it’s determined the adapter is faulty after troubleshooting, we will send you a replacement adapter at no charge. We do not require the faulty adapter to be returned.

+30 days after purchase:

Contact our support team about your adapter’s issues. After troubleshooting, our support team will let you know your options and cost for a replacement adapter.