fongo home phone logo, colourized
fongo home phone logo, colourized

Offered to any new Fongo Home Phone signup.

Offer Extended Until Jan 6 (end of day).


4 Months Free

Any new customer who signs up for Fongo Home Phone during this promotion will receive a credit for 4 months of free service on their account.

Signup Discounts

Home Phone Adapter
$59 $29

Shipping & Handling
$14.95 $9.95

Phone Number Transfer
$25 $9.95

Up to $50 in instant savings during signup!

When Do I Get Credited?

Signup discounts are immediately applied during signup.

Upon ordering home phone service, your account will be marked as a Boxing Week promotion and credited before your first monthly bill, so you won’t pay a monthly bill until your 5th month.

Note: You will receive monthly invoices, but they will be covered by your credit