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Earn World Calling Credits

So Many Ways To Earn!

World Calling Credits are used to make international calls, but they can also be converted into other add-ons in the Fongo Mobile app. Read on to learn how to earn, use, or convert your world calling credits.

world credits floating in a bubble

How To Earn

Open your Fongo Mobile or World Edition app, then follow the simple steps below:

Tap on the shopping cart.
Tap on the shopping cart.
Tap on the shopping cart.
Enter the World Calling Credits section.
Enter the World Calling Credits section.
Enter the World Calling Credits section.
Choose one of the “Earn” options.
Choose one of the “Earn” options.
Choose one of the “Earn” options.

So Many Ways To Earn!

There are 3 options you can choose from to earn calling credits in the Fongo mobile app. See our International Call Rates page to learn how much credit you need to call a country of your choosing.

inbrain survey on Fongo Mobile

Complete Surveys

Take short surveys, earn big rewards! Earn credits by completing inBrain surveys in the Fongo Mobile app.

inBrain Surveys

The first time you enter inBrain Surveys, you are required to complete an initial survey to establish your demographic profile. Upon completion, you will be shown several survey options.

Complete Offers

Get rewarded for completing offers! Earn credits by completing various offers including shopping, quizzes, and other random actions.

Tapjoy Offers

Simply choose offers that interest you, then complete the instructions to get rewarded.

AdGate Offers

Choose between completing various offers or completing surveys.

complete offers
watch ads on Fongo Mobile

Watch Ads

Get rewarded for watching advertisements by selecting “Earn by Viewing Ads” in the Fongo Mobile app.

Various Companies

Different companies will show you video ads. After watching the full ad, you will get rewarded and you will be free to exit the ad.

Convert Calling Credits to Other Add-ons

No one to call internationally? That’s okay! You can convert calling credits other add-ons in the app such as remove-ads, unlimited texting packages, and Fongo Plus!

Learn more at the link below.

Fongo World Credits can be converted towards add-ons including Canada Texting, Global Texting, Fongo Plus, Remove Ads, and Fongo Ultimate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you’ve completed one of the “Earn” options mentioned above, credits are typically delivered immediately or in less than an hour. You will receive a notification similar to the image shown, notifying you when your account has been credited.

Message from Fongo: You have earned $0.02 World Calling Credit. The calling credit has been added to your account and is now available to be used for international calls or for conversion to other services such as Fongo Plus, Unlimited SMS Texting or Ad Removal. Please check back soon for new offers to earn more free World Calling Credits. Talk freely, Team Fongo