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Convert Credits to Add-ons

Purchase or Earn, then Convert!

You can convert World Calling Credits into any mobile app add-on such as Canada Texting, Global Texting, Remove Ads, Fongo Plus, or the Fongo Ultimate Bundle!

Fongo World Credits can be converted towards add-ons including Canada Texting, Global Texting, Fongo Plus, Remove Ads, and Fongo Ultimate.

How to Convert

Open your Fongo Mobile or World Edition app then follow the simple steps below:

how to convert step 1
how to convert step 1

Tap on the shopping cart.

how to convert step 2

Choose the Add-on that you wish to convert credits into.

how to convert step 3

Select “Convert”.

Conversion Options

Once you decide what Add-on to convert your credits into, you will be able to choose from various subscription types.

converting credits into add-ons

Converting Credits Into Add-ons

You will using World Calling Credits as “currency” to buy Add-ons, instead of paying with your app store payment method.

Credit Balance

You must have enough calling credits to convert to your desired add-on.

The “convert” button will show as:

  • red when you have insufficient funds

  • green when you have enough to make the purchase.

credit balance

Not Enough Credits? Earn Them!

You can earn calling credits by completing offers, participating in surveys, or watching ads!

Earn enough credits to convert them into your desired Add-ons!

world credits floating in a bubble