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Remove Ads and More

Remove Ads

Permanently remove ads from the Fongo Mobile app for $6.99.

How to Purchase:

  • Tap the shopping cart
  • Select Remove Ads
screenshot of ads appearing on mobile mobile app, and how to purchase Remove Ads in the app.
fongo mobile navigation bar screenshot

Navigation Bar

After purchasing Remove Ads, ads on the dial pad are replaced with a navigation bar including shortcuts to messages and visual voicemail.

Set Call Display Name

After purchasing Remove Ads, you also unlock the ability to change your outgoing Call Display name.

  • Tap Account
  • Tap Settings
  • Turn Show My Caller ID on
  • Tap Caller ID and edit your name
fongo mobile screen showing how to change caller ID with Remove Ads addon purchased

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have purchased the Ad Removal package for the Fongo Mobile app, and you uninstall the app and then reinstall it, you must restore the purchase from the ‘Add-Ons’ screen to remove ads again.

iOS Devices:

If you are installing this app on a new Apple device with the same Apple ID, you can also restore purchases to remove ads again.

If the ‘Restore’ button does not appear in your app, you may have disabled ‘In-App Purchases’.

To re-enable ‘In-App Purchases’, you can do this through the Restrictions Settings

  1. Go to Settings -> General -> Restrictions
  2. Then, turn on ‘In-App Purchases’

Your ad-removal option should now be reactivated, and it should no longer be purchasable in the ‘Add-Ons’ screen.

Android Devices:

If you have purchased the Ad Removal package for Fongo and you uninstall the app and then reinstall it, and the adds are still showing, please follow the steps below:

  1. Reboot device 
  2. Open Fongo app
  3. Go to purchase screen and click on buy Ad-Removal 
  4. When you see the popup, click on cancel

The device will automatically restore your purchase and the ads will not be shown.

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