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Remove Ads and More

Fully remove ads from the Fongo Mobile app and gain access to additional features.
How to Purchase:
  • Tap the shopping cart
  • Select Remove Ads


Fongo Mobile
  • $2.79 – 1 Month
  • $5.49 – 3 Months
  • $9.99 – 6 Months
  • $16.99 – 12 Months
Fongo World Edition

See in-app for pricing.

What’s Included?

Full Ad Removal

An active Remove Ads subscription removes banner and interstitial advertisements from your Fongo Mobile app.

This also excludes you from Fongo’s marketing texts and emails. Notices and regulatory texts & emails about your account will still be sent.

fongo mobile navigation bar screenshot

Navigation Bar

Banner advertisements on the dial pad are replaced with a navigation bar, including the following shortcuts:

  • Dial pad
  • Contacts
  • History
  • Messages
  • Voicemail

Set Call Display Name

Unlock the ability to change your outgoing Call Display name.

  • Tap Account
  • Tap Settings
  • Turn Show My Caller ID on
  • Tap Caller ID and edit your name

Note: This feature is not available in Fongo World Edition

fongo mobile screen showing how to change caller ID with Remove Ads addon purchased

Lock-in Your Number

An active Remove Ads subscription keeps your account safe from auto-deletion due to inactivity. Your number will always remain active and assigned to you. Fongo Mobile’s Dormant Policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have purchased the Ad Removal package for Fongo Mobile and you reinstall the app, and the ads are still showing, you’ll need to restore purchases within the app. Ad Removal is not cross-platform, meaning that purchases will not transfer between iOS and android devices, for example.

iOS Devices:

Tap on Restore from the ‘Add-Ons’ screen to remove ads again. This will restore all purchases linked to your Apple ID and its current store region. i.e., if your phone is set to Canada as the app store region, it will not restore purchases you might have made while in the French app store.

If the ‘Restore’ button does not appear in your app, you may have disabled ‘In-App Purchases’.

To re-enable ‘In-App Purchases’, you can do this through the Restrictions Settings

  1. Go to Settings -> General -> Restrictions
  2. Then, turn on ‘In-App Purchases’

Your ad-removal option should now be reactivated, and it should no longer be purchasable in the ‘Add-Ons’ screen.

Android Devices:

If you have purchased the Ad Removal package for Fongo and you uninstall the app and then reinstall it, and ads are still showing, please follow the steps below:

  1. Reboot device
  2. Open Fongo app
  3. Go to purchase screen and click on buy Ad-Removal
  4. When you see the popup, click on cancel

The device will automatically restore your purchase and the ads will not be shown.