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Transfer Your Number

Transfer your existing Canadian phone number to Fongo Mobile for $25. Every number transfer also includes 2 free months of Unlimited Canada SMS and Fongo Plus!

Is my phone number eligible?

Submit your phone number below to receive an immediate email and/or text message verifying that your number can be transferred. Not available for Fongo World Edition users.

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Number Transfer Process

Submit Your Number Transfer

fongo mobile number transfer process

Submit your number transfer by logging in to your Fongo Mobile account at

We Contact Your Current Provider

contacting your old provider with fongo home phone

Fongo will contact your provider and get the number transferred on your behalf.

We recommend you don’t contact your provider to inform them of your transfer or cancelling your account with them before the transfer is completed.

Your Number is Transferred

fongo mobile number transfer process

We will notify you by email when your number has successfully transferred. You will also receive 2 free months of Unlimited Canada SMS and Fongo Plus at this time.

Please log out and log back in to the app after receiving confirmation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Number transfers can take up 7 business days to complete. The first business day only counts if the transfer is submitted before 12pm. More information on transfer times can be found here.

All the information you submit for your number port must match what the other provider has on file.

Number type: Landline or Mobile

Number You Want Ported:

Current Provider:

Account Number: (Only for Mobile numbers)

First & Last Name:

Full Address
Street Number:
Street Name:
Unit #:
Postal Code:

Yes, you can sign up for Fongo Mobile and get a free phone number from us, which you can use to test it out, then you can transfer your number when you’re ready.

  • Your account with the other provider is not active or is flagged for disconnect
  • Customer has outstanding balance owed to current provider
  • Porting number must belong to you or LOA is provided
  • Customer disconnects or initiates a disconnect for the number before finalizing Porting with Fongo
  • Customer provides inaccurate information for Porting resulting in multiple rejections
  • Customer did not authorize the transfer upon the current provider requesting authorization
  • Customer initiated Porting but then decides to cancel for any reason (i.e. Provider offers better rates, number porting to some other company etc.)