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Unlimited Texting

With Non-Fongo Phone Numbers

Send text messages to any mobile number with a Fongo Texting Add-on. You will also be able to receive supported verification texts.


Fongo Mobile
Canada Texting:
  • $2.79 – 1 Month
  • $5.49 – 3 Months
  • $9.99 – 6 Months
  • $17.99 – 12 Months
Global Texting:
  • $3.99 – 1 Month
  • $8.49 – 3 Months
  • $14.99 – 6 Months
  • $27.99 – 12 Months
Fongo World Edition

See in-app for pricing.

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Media Messaging

When subscribed to any Unlimited Texting add-on, you will be able to receive unlimited picture messages from non-Fongo phone numbers. Picture messages sent to non-Fongo numbers will be sent as a Fongo Media Link, where the receiver will open the link in their device’s browser to view the image.

To send picture messages as regular MMS (eliminating the Fongo-branded media link), upgrade to Fongo Plus.

(Picture messaging is unlimited and free between Fongo Mobile users)

How To Purchase

To subscribe to Unlimited Texting, tap the shopping cart in the app.

You can also purchase Texting add-ons by logging in to your account online.

If you purchase any add-on before your current subscription expires, the new subscription will be added to your existing subscription.

You will be notified when you have 7 days remaining in your subscription, and again at 1 day remaining.

Fongo mobile texting packages

Enhance With Fongo Plus

Fongo Plus Crown

Unlimited U.S. Texting

Fongo Plus adds unlimited U.S. Texting to your existing Canada texting package (excludes Alaska & Hawaii).

MMS Picture Messaging

Fongo Plus adds full MMS capability to your existing Unlimited Texting package. You can receive unlimited picture messages from non-Fongo phone numbers and picture messages will be sent as an MMS instead of a Fongo Media Link.

screenshot of a cellular user receiving a picture message and text message from a Fongo Mobile user.

Frequently Asked Questions

Activation or verification messages from carriers such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, WhatsApp, Facebook or Twitter may come from either short-code numbers (five or six-digit number) or a 10-digit phone number.

We cannot guarantee you are able to text or receive all short-code SMS (also known as premium rate SMS) with Fongo Mobile.

For the numbers that are supported, a texting subscription is required in order to receive verification messages. If the short-code is supported and a user does not have an active texting subscription or has not transferred their number to Fongo, they will receive this message:

“Your Fongo number has received a verification code message from: [NUMBER] – To receive verification code messages, please subscribe to an Unlimited Texting package, available for purchase in the add-ons section of this app.”

Users who have an active paid texting subscription or have transferred their existing number to Fongo are not actively blocked from receiving these activation codes via SMS, but some short codes do not currently work with Fongo (regardless if you are subscribed).

We do not make any guarantee that you will receive activation codes if you have subscribed to a texting package, this is often beyond our control.

If you’re not able to activate your WhatsApp account, please contact directly.

Click Here find out more about purchasing SMS texting packages.

You cannot send more than 10 messages to non-Fongo numbers within 1 minute. Exceeding this threshold may cause a 20-minute temporary block. If you continue sending messages while you are blocked, the block will be continually extended. Users who repeatedly violate this policy may be permanently blacklisted from sending SMS outside of the Fongo network.