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Visual Voicemail

Fongo offers a wide range of voicemail features so you can receive voicemail messages wherever you are. Visual voicemail allows you to see your messages displayed in a list that you can delete, forward, or listen to in any order. You can:

  • Access voicemail more quickly than with your traditional voicemail system
  • View a list of your voicemails (contact name or phone number, date and time) and select which message to listen to first
  • Call back with one touch
  • Email yourself or another contact a recording of the message
person holding phone with fongo mobile app's voicemail screen open
person holding a phone with the fongo mobile app open on the dial pad

Other Ways To Listen To Your Voicemail

Changing Your Voicemail Greeting

  • From your Fongo Mobile app, dial into your voicemail box
    (*98 or long-press 1)
  • Select “3” for personal options
  • Select “3” for greetings
    • Press “1” for a extended absence greeting
    • Press “2” for a Personal Greeting
    • Press “3” to record your name
fongo mobile visual voicemail
fongo voicemail settings while logged in online

Additional Voicemail Settings

The following options can also be changed by logging in to your Fongo Mobile account online: