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Hunt Groups

Included with Pro Upgrade

Hunt Groups are used when you need multiple extensions to ring together. There are two ring types:

  • Simultaneous (at the same time)
  • Sequential (one after another)

Example: A simultaneous hunt group includes Ext 102, Ext 105, and Ext 106. The hunt group is set for caller option #3. When the caller hears your receptionist greeting and presses 3; Ext. 102, Ext. 105, and Ext. 106 ring at the same time.

Fongo Works Caller Options with Hunt Groups

Creating a Hunt Group

To create a hunt group, you must send a request to our support team with the following information included:

  • Member/extensions to be included
  • Simultaneous or sequential? (If simultaneous, which voicemail should the call end on if no one answers? If sequential, please dictate the order that the extensions should ring)
  • Which caller option(s) should this hunt group be assigned to

Note: You can setup as many hunt groups as you want. You can also assign 1 hunt group to multiple caller options, just let us know.

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