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Caller Options & Dial Menu

Caller Options

Included with Free Signup

Caller options are essentially extension shortcuts, so that callers can reach members by dialing a single digit instead of dialing “#” followed by a 3-digit extension number.

You have access to 11 caller options to set: numbers 0 – 9 and the star key (*).

fongo works caller options and dial menu

Assigning Caller Options

Using the example in this section, the member “Dwight Shrute”:

  • is Extension 100
  • is assigned to caller option 1
  • can be reaching by caller via by dialing 1 or #101

Incoming Fax

Your Fongo Works account can receive faxes as well as phone calls. You can select a member who receives any faxes sent to your business number(s).

Hunt Groups

Included With Pro Upgrade

Hunt Groups are used when you need multiple extensions to ring together (at the same time, simultaneously, or one after another, sequentially).

How to Configure Caller Options & Receptionist

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