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Hold music is the music that plays when you are in the middle of a call and you place your caller on hold. It also plays when you press the transfer button during a call. The system will wait for you to enter the extension or phone number you’re transferring the call to. Once you press transfer again, the caller will hear the music change to your transfer music, since the call is now being transferred.

Hold music cannot be customized. All Fongo Works systems will play the same hold music when calls are placed on hold. There is a set list of jingles that play on a loop, 24/7. When you place a call on hold, the caller will begin to hear the hold music loop, so you may hear different jingles at different times of the day.

fongo works hold music

placing calls on hold

fongo works mobile app

Press the pause button

Placing calls on hold with the Fongo Works mobile app

pro device

press the pause/hold button on your device

Placing calls on hold with a Fongo Works Pro Device

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