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Ads Removal

Included With Pro Upgrade

Upgrade to Fongo Works Pro to remove ads across your Fongo Works System.

  • Transfer music changed to Pro jingle
  • All ads on Fongo Works mobile app completely removed
  • Online dashboard ads are completely removed
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Fongo Works App

An active Fongo Works subscription removes banner and interstitial advertisements from your Fongo Works app.

Banner advertisements on the dial pad are replaced with a navigation bar, including the following shortcuts:

  • Dial pad
  • Contacts
  • History
  • Messages
  • Voicemail

Transfer Music

Upon upgrading to Pro, your transfer music will immediately be upgraded to the Pro transfer music, which is a mellow and modern jingle. The ad that is in Free transfer music will also be removed.

Want to upload your own Transfer Music?

Online Dashboard

Online dashboard ads are completely removed when viewed from desktop or mobile devices.

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How To

Go Pro


Login to your Fongo Works dashboard at


Click the shop icon at the top of your dashboard.


Add items to your cart, then checkout when you’re ready to order.