Taking Your Home Phone Adapter Abroad

With Fongo Home Phone, you can take adapter anywhere in the world and continue making/receiving calls as if you’re still at home. It’s still free to call all 10 provinces in Canada and international calling rates stay the same.

Fongo App: Connecting with Canada While Abroad

Download the Fongo app from either the Appstore or Google Play store, and set up your Fongo account while in Canada so you receive a Canadian phone number.

  • You will be able to call home to Canada (all 10 provinces) for free no matter where you are in the world
  • If you purchase a Canada Texting Package, you will be able to text anyone in Canada, from anywhere in the world

While you are traveling, anyone in Canada can call your Fongo number and will not be charged international rates, since it is considered a local call.

Click here to see our list of cities that we offer local numbers in.

Fongo App: Connecting with People Outside of Canada


Simply purchase a global texting package (you can be anywhere when you make the purchase) from within your Fongo Mobile app and you will be able to send SMS text messages to anyone in the world from anywhere in the world.


While in Canada or travelling the world, incoming calls to your Fongo number will be as if they are calling you in your home town, even if you’re somewhere in Asia, Europe or anywhere else! (This means no long-distance charges for them)

If you want to make calls to places outside of Canada, you will need to purchase world credits. World credit balances can be purchased in $5, $20, and $50 packages. World credits will be deducted from your world credit balance per minute of calling. World credit calling rates vary based on which country you are calling, look up the calling rate for the country you wish to call here.

World credits allow you to call anyone in any country on the globe.

See Below to learn more about how World Credits work.